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Master Wasentha Young

Wasentha Young is a Master and scholar in the art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung - Qigong, has received formal instruction in Taoist and Buddhist meditation, is certified in Acupressure and Wellness Counseling in Mind/Body Consciousness, and holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal Studies.

She has developed stress reduction programs for individuals, corporations, health institutions, religious organizations, and research projects.

A practitioner since 1968, Master Young lectures and educates nationally on Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation as it relates to the human emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being at:

  • Omega Institute
  • Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, CA
  • National Qigong Association
  • National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine
  • University of Michigan
  • UAW
  • Kaiser Wellness Foundation, CA.
  • National Foundation of Women Martial Artists

Originally a student of Grandmaster William C.C. Chen and under the tutelage of prominent instructors of Professor Cheng Man-ching's, she is a founding board member of the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors (AWMAI), has been nationally published, and is known for her teaching abilities and integrative communication skills.

Wasentha Young

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