National Women's
Martial Arts Federation

2019 Be Brave! Camp

This summer, attendees at the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation’s 2019 BE BRAVE Camp have access to a range of martial arts, healing arts, and empowerment self-defense (ESD) classes.

Click here to see the full schedule or trainer bios and class descriptions.

This year's martial arts offerings include:

    Jacqueline Barco:

    • Fundamentals of Boxing
    • Ichi No Hebi: First Movement of The Snake
    • Trauma Sensitive Martial Arts Training
    Beth Bowman:
    • Relentless Warriors
    Corrina Callahan:
    • Modern Arnis (YMA)
    Cathy Chapaty:
    • Gi Games
    • Board Breaking 101
    Cynthia DeCastro:
    • Yang Style Tai Chi 24
    • Five Elements Qi-Gong
    • Joint Lock Flow
    • Stick Sinawale Exercises
    Joan Dehnert:
    • Aikido Basics: Falling, Body Movement, and Grab Defenses
    Jane Dillon:
    • Competition Forms
    • Flexibility for Martial Arts
    Robin Dyer:
    • Stretching for Optimal Health
    Corrin Eckert-Chu:
    • Sword Explorations
    Giovanna Follo:
    • Commando Krav Maga: Gun Disarming
    • Commando Krav Maga: Knife Defense
    • SuperKid School Friendly Self-Defense
    Patty Lare:
    • Kicks, Cartwheels, and Games (YMA)
    Arlene Limas:
    • Tae Kwon Do: Kick Like a Champion!
    • Protecting Elite Athletes with ESD

    Diane Long:

    • Best Practices for Seeking CEUs for Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programming
    Nancy Moore:
    • Writing for Martial Arts and Self-Defense Instructors
    Germon “Mama G” Moriniere-Bey:
    • A Sovereign Journey of Self-Preservation
    • The Twin Sisters: Dance and Martial Arts
    • Afrikan Martial Sciences
    • The Back Story of Women Warriors
    Katherine Nichols:
    • Defenses to Kicks
    • Sparring for Kids
    Jay O’Shea:
    • Managing Fight Ranges with JKD
    Jennifer Para:
    • Introduction to Bunga Teratai Form (Bay Flower Dance), the Soft Form of Silat Seni Gayong
    • Keris: Traditional Dagger of the Malay Peninsula
    • Silat Seni Gayong: Traditional Martial Arts in a Modern USA
    Tih Penfil:
    • Origami for Beginners
    Kim Rivers:
    • The Common Center of Aikido: Nage and Uke, the Two Halves of the Whole
    • Being in the Question: Suspending Knowledge of Technique in Aikido
    Nancy Rothenberg:
    • Be Brave: Stand Up for Yourself (YMA)
    • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! (YMA)
    • How to Add Pizzazz to Your Kata to Stay Engaged in Your Practice
    • Kick to Your Heart’s Content! Exploring Kicks from the Four Animals of Indonesian Silat
    Candace Rushton:
    • I Feel a Choke Coming On: Choke Defenses
    • Effective Escapes Made Easier
    • Grounded: What Can I Do Now?
    • Take A Stand
    Odette Russell:
    • Anything is a Lethal Weapon
    • Fashion as Weapon
    • Small Joint Manipulation
    Lisa Santi:
    • Nunchaku Skills and Basics for Beginner and Intermediate Level
    • Nunchaku for the Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners
    • Double Nunchaku Is Double the Fun!
    Sahnya Thom:
    • French Kickboxing Methods (FKM) & Jun Fan Kickboxing (JFKB)
    • The Six Attributes for Optimal Martial Arts Performance
    Heather Turnbull:
    • Blade Defense
    • Converting Lunch ‘n’ Learns to Consulting Proposals: Building Your Martial Arts Business!
    • Escrima 101: Filipino Stick Fighting Fundamentals
    • Advanced Blade Defense
    Diane Wallander:
    • The Wall is Your Friend
    Joy Williamson:
    • Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Martial Arts Program
    • Introduction to Bo Staff

    This year's healing arts offerings include:

    Robin Dyer:

    • Melting for Stress Relief

    Justine Halliwill:

    • Self-Care: Exploring the Chakras

    Wendy Lathrop:

    • Early Bird Body Opening, Stretching, and Qigong

    Bianca Pastrana:

    • Sound Bath for Physical Restoration

    Odette Russell:

    • Improving Health and Wellness

    Sahnya Thom:

    • The Phoenix Rising Process: The Anatomy of Transformation, Healing and Resilience
    • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mental Health

    For logistical details and registration information, visit our What To Expect page.

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