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The NWMAF is a community resource to answer your questions and help you: 
  • find a new school,
  • change training arts,
  • start your own school,
  • build a curriculum,
  • teach diverse populations,
  • train with an injury,
  • and more!
Our annual conference offers a variety of topics regarding martial arts, self-defense, and self-care/healing.
Build a Network

At the NWMAF, you have access to a diverse, world-wide network to:

  • find training opportunities,
  • share skills, and
  • connect with the women and girls you meet.
Only members can access this directory.
Save Money

Receive reduced rates for:

  • NWMAF Annual Conference ("Special Training") and the Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference,
  • all NWMAF-sponsored events, and
  • automatic eligibility for financial assistance in the form of partial scholarship
Get Published

Jaye Spiro 2018Newsletters and forums provide a place for you to share:

your expertise,

your concerns,

your hopes for the future,

event announcements,

profiles of prominent women martial artists and self-defense practitioners,

discussions about diversity,

reflections personal growth, and

tips on dealing with injuries.

The NWMAF welcomes contributions!

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As a member, you have the opportunity to shape the future by working on committees or serving on the Board of Directors to

  • Bring new thoughts and activities to our members,
  • Expand our community through outreach, and
  • Make a difference in the future of women and girls who want and need a safe and supportive training experience. 

In the process, you’ll improve your organizational and leadership skills, something that will enhance your life beyond NWMAF.

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