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NWMAF Certified Self-Defense Instructors

Instructors in the U.S.                                                                     

 NWMAF certified self-defense instructors offering online programming is indicated in italics.

  • Darla Bolon
    Counseling and Consultation Services/Self-Defense for Women
    Columbus, OH

  • Cheryl Cesta
    Cheryl's Trainings
    Certified Trainer/Consultant
    Empowerment Self Defense &
    Personal Safety, De-escalation
    and Upstander Intervention
    PO Box 2327
    Athens, OH  45701

  • B.J. Dunn
    Women's Personal Safety
    722 West Findlay St
    Carey OH 43316
    419-387-7686 (land)
    419-722-4974 (mobile)



  • Janet Gee
    Janet Gee Martial Arts Training 
    Integral Movement Systems
    PO Box 194145
    San Francisco CA 94119
    Phone: 415-252-7070
   Online private & group

    District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)

        Online programs


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          Online program



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      Instructors outside the U.S.


      Lee Paiva
      No Means No WorldWide


          Online programs
      • Patricia Anderson-Fievoli
        Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy
        620 Davenport Road
        Waterloo, ON N2V 2C2
        Telephone: 1.519.574.7646


      Trinidad and Tobago

      Want to learn self-defense?

      You've come to the right place! Instructors certified by the National Women's Martial Arts Federation are skilled in both physical and verbal self-defense skills, knowledgeable about violence against women, have strong backgrounds in the martial arts, and support empowerment as a goal of women's self-defense.

      NWMAF Certified Self Defense Instructors are listed here. Contact them directly for more information on classes and workshops in your area. If your area is not listed here, contact your local rape crisis or sexual assault center, or your local YWCA, for referrals.

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