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Financial Aid Guidelines

One way NWMAF strives to fulfill our mission is by offering need-based financial aid to our members to assist them in attending women’s or girls’ martial arts events. Funds are donated by members and aid recipients are selected by the Board.

Available funds vary from year to year. We do our best to help as many people as possible, but there is no guarantee that every applicant will receive aid. Members of any age or status may apply. You can review our financial aid policy before applying.

What Financial Aid Covers: Financial aid is for direct event costs only. Optional expenses are not covered by these funds. If you have special needs that add to your expenses make sure to explain them in your application. We rarely award any one person an amount that will cover all their expenses, and therefore an important part of your application is to provide a realistic plan to for how you will pay the balance of your expenses.

Recipient Obligations: Financial aid carries no work requirement. All NWMAF members are equally encouraged to volunteer at NWMAF events. 

Application Link & Deadlines

Please submit your application below or at If you need a downloadable or hard-copy form, contact

Applications for the 2020 Conference: RISE (or any part thereof) are due April 8, 2020. Notification will be made within two weeks of the deadline. 

Please do not register until you have heard back – you will receive registration instructions when the awards have been finalized. If you submit your application by the deadline you will be eligible for the early bird registration rate whether you receive an award or not. 

Financial Aid Criteria

This need-based financial aid is available to all NWMAF members. We encourage everyone to apply regardless of age, ethnicity, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, or religious affiliation. Families are especially encouraged to apply!

You can review full award criteria on our posted financial aid policy.

Some factors that may be considered in reviewing applications:

  • Complete application
  • Member in good standing (only current members in good standing are eligible). Join NWMAF Today!
  • First-time attendees
  • Mothers/parents and their children
  • Diversity of age, ethnicity, ability status, and/or other identities or lived experiences

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