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Two Conferences in One

Special Training Annual Conference

"Special Training" is the NWMAF's signature event.  It is a multi-style training camp and professional self-defense instruction conference.  The event moves to a different college campus almost every year.  Each year women and girls come to Special Training from all over the United States, Canada, and beyond. We come to share our passion for the martial arts. We come to develop our skills in self-defense. We come because some of us rarely have training partners that match our skill, size, strength, or temperament. We come to grow as individuals. We come to belong to a community that has been sustaining us for nearly 40 years.


Photos from past NWMAF annual conferences by Tih Penfil

Self-Defense Instruction Conference

This program addresses violence prevention and self-defense instruction.  It is a chance for those new to the Self-Defense Empowerment Model to learn how to teach personal safety in a strengths-based and trauma-informed way, and for seasoned instructors in the model to share their skills with one another and learn about innovative work being done in the field.   

NWMAF Self-Defense Instructor Certification

The NWMAF is a credentialing body for self-defense instructors.  Certification is an extensive process, and the attendance at the Self-Defense Instruction Conference (SDIC) is a requirement for certification.  Additionally, instructors seeking certification are required to attend the Self-Defense Empowerment Model Course (SDEMC).  This model course is offered during the annual conference by a certified self-defense instructor.


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