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There has been an annual conference most years since 1976. Every year we look for dynamic individuals who would like to share their passion, skills, and knowledge in a supportive and energetic learning environment.

We asked 2019 "Be Brave" participants what classes and topics they'd like to see in 2020. Take a look! Can you teach any of them?

We are also particularly seeking "crossover" classes, designed to teach participants how to carry skills from one of our three branches (martial arts, healing arts, or self-defense) into their practice in another branch. Do you know someone in another branch? Would they like to teach a crossover workshop with you??

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About Being a Trainer

2020 APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED. Thanks to all who applied!

Please review our Policy on Trainer Selection before applying, to ensure that you meet eligibility requirements and understand the expectations. If you'd prefer to volunteer to lead a morning or evening workout rather than a 90-minute class, watch your email—that application process will open soon.

A few points of clarification:

  • The ESD Model Course is meant to be a model for how to offer a basic self-defense workshop to the community using an empowerment framework. Applicants to teach these sessions must commit to teaching or co-teaching at least 4 sessions, and at least one presenter must be a NWMAF-certified self-defense instructor.
  • For co-teachers or team teachers: One person per class must be designated as the "primary" point of contact. This person completes all class description information. The other presenters must still apply, but they will not be asked to fill out the class proposal section.

To promote the fullest possible participation we seek not only trainers who are excellent instructors, but also trainers who embody the spirit of inclusivity and social justice on which this conference (and the organization) is based. We must also do our best to ensure that the benefits of training/presenting at NWMAF events are available to the widest possible range of instructors. In order to assist us in selecting a well-balanced and diverse group of trainers, we ask that you fill out the application as fully as possible.

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