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July 26-29, 2023

North Central College, Naperville, IL

Suggest a Conference Theme

Be creative and submit your ideas for this year's theme.  If your idea is selected, you will receive a conference tee!  Send ideas here:  Conference Theme Submission Form

    ◦    Previous themes include: RISE, We Persist, Be Brave, Stronger Together
    ◦    Form will be open until Dec 11, 2022

Call for Instructors

Instructor applications are being accepted on a rolling basis.  There are many wonderful teachers in our membership, so don't be shy.  Apply to teach!  Also, reach out to your favorite teachers, and bring your "dream" class to the conference.  Instructor Application Form

A Community of and for Womxn
in the Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Healing Arts

Why join NWMAF? Membership in the NWMAF provides Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Healing Arts practitioners with unparalleled opportunities for training, mentorship, and support in an international association with nearly a half a century of achievement, education, and advocacy. We are a safe, inclusive, women-led community for women, gender nonbinary, and gender nonconforming individuals that affirms each person’s warrior spirit and actively works for a world in which each of us is empowered, free from oppression, and whole.

Just some of our member benefits include access to:

  • Monthly online training webinars, beginning in February 2021
  • A private member directory, connecting you to practitioners across the globe
  • Members-only Facebook group, where you can get immediate help, support, and encouragement for your own personal practice or your school or business
  • Discounted tuition for our annual summer conference and the opportunity for professional photography to help promote yourself or your business

Some of us have been training over many decades, others just a few months. Whatever your experience or skill level, come and be a part of our amazing community. Learn more...

Annual Martial Arts & Self-Defense Conferences

Every summer the NWMAF hosts an annual conference featuring special training opportunities with veteran martial artists from across the country as well as a self-defense instruction track. Participants can choose from a variety of classes throughout the four-day event. Each day brings many sessions and several options: “hard style” classes, “soft style” classes, mat arts, self-defense techniques and technology, healing arts, and weapons practice. Expert trainers tailor their teaching for a wide range of students—from beginners to experts.

Interested in becoming a trainer? Learn more here.

Self-Defense Instruction and Certification Opportunities


The NWMAF is an industry leader in empowerment-based self-defense (ESD) technology.  We offer professional development and credentials to self-defense instructors.  From cutting-edge research to best-practices in classroom management, from non-profit service to running an effective business, we can help you maximize what instructors deliver to their students.

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The NWMAF is an inclusive community for practitioners  of martial and healing arts and self-defense. From Aikido to Zujitsu, empty-hand to weapons, self-defense to healing arts, our members span the gamut.

"The NWMAF is a collection of remarkable women connected by a common passion."
Teddie Linder

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