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A Community of and for Women in the Martial Arts

  • Do you love martial arts?
  • Do you teach or study self-defense?
  • Are you a healing arts practitioner?
  • Do you love your art and dream of sharing it with other women?
  • Do you want to experience a supportive learning environment?
  • Do you want to further the participation of women and girls in these arts?

You are in the right place! NWMAF members reap the benefits of practice and study of our health, self-confidence, physical fitness, and stress management. Some of us have been training over many decades, others just a few months. Yet we can all come together and train. Learn more...

Special Training Martial Arts Conferences

Every summer the NWMAF puts on a Special Training and Self-Defense Instruction Conference. You choose from a variety of classes. Each day brings many sessions and several options: a “hard style” class, “soft style” class, mat art, self-defense, healing arts, and weapons. Expert trainers tailor their teaching for a wide range of students – from beginners to experts. Learn more...

Self Defense Instruction and Certification Opportunities


The NWMAF is a leader in empowerment-based self-defense.  We offer professional development and credentialing to self-defense instructors.  From cutting-edge research to best-practices in classroom management, from non-profit service to running an effective business, we will help you maximize what you deliver for your students. Learn more...

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Trainers 2014The NWMAF is a community of women who, like yourself, train in martial and healing arts and self-defense. From Aikido to Zujitsu, empty-hand to weapons, self-defense to healing arts, our members span the gamut.

"The NWMAF is a collection of remarkable women connected by a common passion. "   –Teddie Lindner

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