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The National Women’s Martial Arts Association is a membership organization bringing together a diverse range of students, teachers and martial arts enthusiasts.


We strive to create community among practitioners and to encourage women of all ages and abilities to practice the martial arts in one or another of the varieties.  The benefits of practice and study can be seen in health, self confidence, physical fitness, and stress management.


Why do we need a community for women martial artists? In many ways the dominance of the masculine in American and world society is seen in microcosm in the training hall.  In the 1970s women had few role models that were strong and female.  These few women came together to train in what were simply one day training camps.


Today our community has grown in a number of ways. 

  • Our members include practitioners still training after 30 or 40 or 50 years.
  • An annual Martial Arts Special Training Camp that spans 4 days each summer.
  • A magazine that highlights women and is written by women.

The NWMAF is a collection of remarkable women connected by a common passion. I joined the organization in 2004 and attended my first conference in 2006. Since then, I have discovered the infinite variety of individuals that make up the women in martial arts.


As chair, I have the good fortune to communicate and team up with accomplished women from all over the world. These women have inspired young people to a passion that changes their lives and spreads positive energy like a drop of water in a pond that ripples outward.


I see the positive change martial arts has created in my life and the lives of students I teach.


The vision I have for the NWMAF, is that we continue to fulfill our mission of empowering women through martial arts and self-defense training, by encouraging everyday participation at local schools and training centers.


--Teddie Linder, Chair, December 2013

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PeaceWorks Trainer Roster and Class Listing Announced

The trainer roster for PeaceWorks is now available. So is the class listing.

The Full Schedule for PeaceWorks is up! So is the Super Saturday schedule , the Violence Prevention Path schedule, and the Young Martial Artists Path schedule .


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